About Amaranth

The Organization

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal and philanthropic organization comprised of both men and women with Masonic affiliation. The Order is organized into three levels or jurisdictions. A local group of members is known as a “Subordinate Court. The presiding officer is a woman who is elected by the members and has the title of “Royal Matron.” She is advised and escorted by the “Royal Patron? who is also elected. Together with a corps of elected and appointed officers, they conduct the monthly meetings, activities and fund raising efforts of the subordinate court.

Within a state, the collection of subordinate courts form the next level or jurisdiction known as a “Grand Court” which is organized in similar fashion with elected and appointed officers having “Grand” preceding their respective titles, and the presiding officer is the Grand Royal Matron. Each grand court jurisdiction has an annual meeting called a “Grand Court” where the combined activities and fund raising of all the subordinate courts is reported, members share in fellowship with visiting members of other Grand Courts (States), and the next year’s Grand Court officers are elected and installed into office.

The highest level or jurisdiction is known as “Supreme Council” which is comprised of similarly elected and appointed officers representing all the Grand Courts of the United States as well as several international Grand Courts of other countries having “Supreme” titles, and the presiding officer is the Supreme Royal Matron. There is an annual meeting known as “Supreme Council” where the combined activities and fund raising activities are reported of all the Grand Courts, members share in fellowship, and the next year’s Supreme Council officers are elected and installed into office. The culminating event is the presentation of a check to the American Diabetes Research Association representing the year’s total contributions of all jurisdictions.

Purpose of the Order of Amaranth

The purpose of the Order is social and philanthropic. Although belief in God is requisite for joining our order, Amaranth is not a religious organization, and many different faiths are represented. In our teachings, the members are reminded of their duties to God, to their country, and to their fellow beings. They are urged to portray their belief in the “Golden Rule” and in TRUTH, FAITH, WISDOM, and CHARITY, the virtues of our order, while extending the hand of fraternal friendship to those in need.

The Order of Amaranth is a also a dedicated philanthropic organization. In 1979, the Supreme Council established the Trust Fund “Amaranth Diabetes Foundation, Inc.” in order to focus its charity work on one major project. The purpose of this foundation is to fund grants for researchers studying the various causes and effects of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association oversees the selection of eligible researchers, and in 2005, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is honored with the selection of Dr. Jeffrey David Zahn of Pennsylvania State University as a grant recipient.